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Transport in Cape Town

Renting a car

Life in Cape Town is greatly simplified and more secure if you have your own wheels. The public transport system in Cape Town is quite poor and unreliable compared to other parts of the world. Depending on your length of stay and your internship location, Kickstart recommends that you either buy or rent a car. It is especially good at night since it isn’t safe to take public transport after dark.

Kickstart cooperates with reliable and affordable car hire agencies in Cape Town. We only act as a mediator and put you in contact with the dealer, all arrangements and payments will be done between you and the car hire dealer directly.

Prices for car rentals

It roughly costs between R2900 and R3200 (standard insurance incl)  per month to rent a car, depending on your requirements and availability.
A deposit is required upfront as well as a copy of your passport and national/international drivers license.
We strongly urge you NOT to go with the cheapest car hire dealers on the market, for example “BEST BEETLE,” as the cars are in very bad condition and they don’t offer reliable back-up services.

Contact us for more information and a quote.

Buying a car

Buying a second hand motor vehicle is the best transport option if you plan to stay in Cape Town longer than three months.
If you find the right deal, you may even be able to get your money back when you sell your vehicle.

Kickstart is also able to assist in selling your transport as we can help you by publishing the advert in our weekly newsletter for all our students in Cape Town.
Some car dealers also offer buy-back options but this needs to be discussed before you buy the car and with the car dealer directly.
Second hand cars in South Africa are fairly expensive compared to what you would expect to get for your money internationally.
This is mainly due to high demand in the second hand car market.

To have your own vehicle lessens security risks as Kickstart doesn’t recommend using public transport such as busses, trains or even mini-taxis at night.
Rather book a private taxi or call a Rikkis taxi (private shared and cheaper taxi that operates in the Cape Town area).

Please contact us for more information!


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infobox internship program



Sharing volunteer houses/flats
Self catering
internship, application, requirements,


Older than 19 years
At least 2nd year of study
Good level of English
Valid passport and insurance
Valid Visa
internship, costs,


Depending on project
(not incl. flights, visas, living costs, transport)


 3 - 6 months
(max. 180 days)
internship,living costs,cape town,


Single room self catering:
280-350 Euro p/m
Car hire: 300 Euro p/m
Visa: 50-150 Euro
Food: 150-200 Euro p/m


South Africa
internship, time, apply,


Throughout the whole year
internship, working hours,


Depending on the project